Celebrity Fashion & Style Icons!



What attracts me to Rihanna’s sense of style and fashion is ultimately the fact that she does not have one path, in the aspect of we as an audience will never know before hand what trend she will be rocking. The sense of her taste being universal is what captivates me most, along with her killer body! The fact that she dresses how she feels that day is so humbling, you’ll see her on a Tuesday rocking a tom-boy inspired look and then on a Saturday she will be graceful in an elegant dress. Her contrasting style and personality is something I can relate to entirely, you can’t pin point her to one genre of fashion.





tumblr_n8r4lml65u1rpzbrio4_400Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner can be seen as the black sheep of the Kardashian Family, as her sisters are styled for elegance, Kylie opts for more mellow, individual items of clothing and hair, extracting her from what the Kardashians are known for, style wise. Just like Rihanna, Kylie is able to change up her appearance universally and successfully achieve it. There are times where her clothing choices feel more gothic and then contrast with elegant formal entire. Kylie Jenner can be seen as an icon amongst the younger generation growing up as her style is unlike any other. As we are keeping up with the Kardashians, more and more of us are keeping up with Kylie as she is growing to be a huge style icon.

tumblr_n8x6mpX1Rg1rpzbrio5_250 tumblr_n8tu1n3Yf71rtv9fpo1_500 tumblr_n99d2949GX1r23vc8o1_400 tumblr_n9fldglhzf1rtv9fpo1_500 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presettumblr_n9heh8TKDn1rpzbrio1_500


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